About us


To build great leadership for organisations with a strong social or charitable purpose.

Our Beliefs                                            

We believe getting the right leadership is the most important decision for any organisation.

We believe a successful search means more than an excellent appointment. Success also means conducting the search in the right way. Not only must the research be deep and thorough, we also strive to treat each candidate and client with honour, integrity, and transparency.

We believe that when recruiting leaders, character is just as important as capability and chemistry. 

Our Approach

Many of our searches require finding unique people for niche roles. We are not interested in purely process-driven searches; we conduct searches that require a highly relational and creative approach. Many of the best candidates are not looking for new roles, so our job is to find them and challenge them to consider new opportunities.

Some forms of search stick to pre-set models, using a one size-fits all approach for most of their clients. In some cases this can work well – a bit like buying a dress or suit off the peg in a department store. In lots of ways, you know what you’re getting, and you can get it more quickly. But sometimes that’s not quite good enough and only a bespoke service will do.

We deliberately work on a small number of searches at a time. We are not willing to compromise on the intensive research, systematic rigour, creative flare and plain hard work that is necessary to find the top candidates.

our distinctives

Research – For each search project we spend at least two months on research. This is unusually long but makes sure that we find the very best person for a role. We often find that the most interesting and hard-to-access candidates come through in the last three weeks of the research phase.

Sector focus – We have a deep sector focus on the charity and social impact sector and are especially experienced at working with faith-based organisations

Creativity – Niche recruitment needs require creative thinking. We assign several people to work on each search and challenge each other to stretch the boundaries of our thinking. The art of excellent search requires holding in tension creative thinking and following a rigorous process. This tension makes each search unique.

Character – Whilst many interview processes look only to get the capability and chemistry fit right, we’re looking for more than that. Good leaders must also be people of integrity, humility, and strength.

Relational – We do this work because we value people. We are fascinated by what makes people unique. We love building relationships. We are obsessed with helping organisations get the right people onboard. We strive for a relational tone in all our work.

Our work

We focus on Board and senior management appointments. Examples of recent searches include:

  • CEO for faith-based bank
  • CEO of a national group of conference centres
  • CEO of a national outdoor adventure charity 
  • Director for Supporter Relations for a Christian mission organisation
  • Several trustees for a national children’s charity
  • Principal of a school
  • CEO of a relationships and sex education charity
  • National Director for a international Christian mission organisation 
  • Director of Finance & Operations for a theological college
  • Operations Director for a youth charity