Have you got the right leaders for this crisis?

It’s two months since the UK lockdown began and we’re bracing ourselves for an economic recession. For many charities, reserves are running low and the future is uncertain. This is a make or break time for many organisations.

Do you have the leaders in place for this crisis? Many organisations are realising that they do not.

The capability-chemistry-character criteria provide a helpful framework for assessment of leaders. These three categories raise crucial questions in the current crisis:

  • Character: Does your Chair/CEO/COO/FD have the emotional resilience, self-awareness, integrity, strength of resolve, humility and compassion to lead right now? Is she able to build trust, hope and stability during turbulent times?
  • Capability: The skills required for excellent leadership may not have dramatically changed, but they come into sharper focus during a crisis. Some leaders who might have got by during the good times are now finding themselves out of their depth.
  • Chemistry: During the good times, the chemistry fit was important; during a time of crisis, it’s essential. Under pressure, cracks in relationships easily emerge and are made all the worse given the lack of face-to-face contact.

If your organisation did not have quite the right leadership before the covid-19 crisis, perhaps the cracks could be papered over, but now that is just not possible. This may be the time to invest in finding new people at the top level. 

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