By Allan Beckett / July 9, 2020

The Danger of Like-Minded Trustees

When it comes to the complex issues faced by Boards today, breadth and depth of insight, innovation and wisdom are paramount. This level of cognitive ability cannot come from any individual alone, rather the wisdom of the team is required.

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By Allan Beckett / July 1, 2020

60 seconds with laura treneer

Laura Treneer was Chief Executive at CPO (Christian Publishing & Outreach), is on the board of Global Connections, and is now a consultant with Frank Analysis Ltd.

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By Allan Beckett / June 18, 2020

Five Thoughts on Conducting Virtual Interviews

Since the coronavirus lockdown we have had to conduct all interviews virtually. Although we still believe that the face-to-face interview...

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By Allan Beckett / June 18, 2020

60 Seconds with robin peake

Carnelian led a search on behalf of Wycliffe UK earlier this year. Robin Peake was the successful candidate. He started...

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By Allan Beckett / June 1, 2020

Have you got the right leaders for this crisis?

It’s two months since the UK lockdown began and we’re bracing ourselves for an economic recession. For many charities, reserves...

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By Allan Beckett / December 17, 2019

60 Seconds with Matthew Skirton

On sabbaticals, leadership and hiring the right people Matthew, you’ve got a sabbatical coming up. What’s your thinking behind that?...

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By Allan Beckett / November 6, 2019

Why Most Recruitment Is All Wrong (A deliberately provocative piece on typical recruitment errors)

For many organisations, recruitment has become a dull business. Often it’s a passive, impersonal and uncreative process: Passive – It...

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By Allan Beckett / November 5, 2019

60 Seconds with Jill Garrett

Jill was European Managing Director of the Gallup Organisation, following an earlier career as a Headteacher. She now works as...

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By Allan Beckett / August 16, 2019

In-House Executive Search

Recruiting the next Chief Executive, Chairman or other senior executive can be the most important decision an organisation has to...

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By Allan Beckett / July 2, 2019

60 seconds with SIMON BARRINGTON

Simon studied physics at Cardiff University, after which he had a successful business career becoming Programme Director at BT and...

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